Zithini na izibhalo

Book Title: Ivangeli Kamarko
Author: R. Potgieter
ISBN: 978-0-86955-210-0
Publisher: Potchefstroom Theological Publication, 2013, R180.00*
*Book price at time of review

Reviewer: James V. Fatuse1
Affiliation: 1Potchefstroom Theological Seminary, North-West University, South Africa
Postal address: PO Box 22168, Port Elizabeth 6000, South Africa
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It was my privilege to be given this opportunity to review a well-presented and well-structured work by Raymond Potgieter. For me, this is a once-in-a lifetime chance. The contents of the book itself are well written, structured and in line with biblical principles. From the table of contents up to the last page, all was done well. The writer has interpreted all difficult words for his readers. The book also includes a comprehensive bibliography.

The publication deserves praise for its outstanding use of isiXhosa despite the fact that it is not the author’s first language. Also, the interpretation, language, meaning and explanation of reason why Mark wrote his gospel, were clearly presented to readers. The book itself has two sides, namely an explanatory and an exegetical side. Raymond Potgieter targeted young and old people as well as ministers of the Word as readers of his book because of the way he presented it to us. From the introduction, the book is well-structured. The author was able to make readers understand the gospel of Mark, its meaning, its purpose and its interpretation.

The language used in the whole book is pure isiXhosa with few isiZulu words used. A few spelling mistakes do, however, occur.

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