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Original Research

Geregtigheid in die struktuur van die Saligsprekings as sleutel tot die eskatologiese verstaan van Jesus as die nuwe Moses in die Bergrede  
Jacobus de Wit de Koning
17 September 2019

Original Research - Special Collection: Marianne Dircksen Festschrift

Teaching and illustrating the exegetical method of St Jerome: Letter 21 as a case study  
Jacobus Kritzinger
28 August 2019

Original Research - Special Collection: NWU Africa Conference: Evil spirits in Africa

The ‘anatomy’ of The temptation: How to address the occult among non-Christians and persons who profess Christianity in congregations  
Ignatius W. Ferreira
27 August 2019

Original Research - Special Collection: Synod of Dordrecht (1618-1619) - Important missiological perspectives

Missio Dei perspectives in the Canons of Dort  
Phillipus J. Buys
27 August 2019

Original Research

Ebed-Melech’s protest to King Zedekiah as a model of modern protest movement (Jr 38:1–17)  
David T. Adamo
26 August 2019