In die Skriflig/In Luce Verbi has a broad coverage that promotes multidisciplinary, religious and biblical aspects of studies in the international theological arena, aiming to further Reformational Theology on a scientific basis. It encourages research that challenges traditional discourses within and between the fields of biblical, religious, social and human sciences as well as the constructive engagement with the natural sciences where applicable.

Original Research - Special Collection: Virtual Ecclesiology

The reformation of space for public worship: Past and present – Continuing the discussion  
Jack C. Whytock
24 April 2018

Original Research

Mark 4:1–34: A simple structure for the mystery of the kingdom  
Jacob J. Scholtz
24 April 2018

Book Review

’n Onverkwiklike gesprek: Gays en die kerk  
Marius Nel
19 April 2018

Book Review

Highly contentious issues in the South African political and socio-economic domain  
Koos Vorster
17 April 2018

Book Review

A new commentary in the vernacular  
Bob Wielenga
12 April 2018