Vlog: Upcoming Book Release - Faith Seeking Understanding


View this video to learn about this book’s contribution to the specific scientific discourse. This book illustrates how faith and science can complement and assist each other in the quest to find new horizons of meaning in a world marked by a growing sense of insecurity and existential anxiety. Editors: Nico Vorster & Frederik van Niekerk. Affiliation: North-West University . Synopsis:

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Vlog: Upcoming Book Release - Christian hermeneutics in South Africa


View this video where you will learn about this bookʼs contribution to the specific scientific discourse. This book explores the rapidly changing diversity in Christian hermeneutics in SA and provides a framework for engagement between approaches on how to interpret Scripture: Editors: Nico Vorster & @henniegoede . Synopsis:

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Vlog: Upcoming Book Release - Philipp Melanchthon: Die denker, leermeester en opvoeder van die Reformasie


View this video where author Ignatius (Natie) W.C. van Wyk talks about his latest book. The book deals with the life, work, and teaching of the spokesperson of the Reformation during the early years of the Protestant church which are presented in nine chapters. Furthermore, the relevance of Melanchthon for present-day South Africans is highlighted. Read synopsis: . In this video you will learn about this bookʼs contribution to the specific scientific discourse.

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Press Release: Dr Pierre de Villiers, Managing Director at AOSIS, elected to serve on the DOAJ Advisory Board


Dr @PierreAosis is the first individual from the African continent to serve on the @DOAJplus Advisory Board. @AOSIS Read more:

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Call for Papers: Publish your research with In Die Skriflig


Publish your research manuscripts with @InDieSkriflig, a theological and acclaimed journal listed in @DOAJplusRead more on AOSIS News Centre.

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Press Release: Online Resource & News Portal - Department of Health, Republic of South Africa

Visit for up to date information about the COVID-19 Pandemic. Hotline: 0800 029 999 | WhatsApp: 0600-123456  
Posted: 2022-01-27
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