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Die erediens as instrument in gemeentebou – toegespits op die Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika

F.W. Leuschner, B.J. de Klerk
In die Skriflig/In Luce Verbi | Vol 37, No 3 | a477 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.4102/ids.v37i3.477 | © 2003 F.W. Leuschner, B.J. de Klerk | This work is licensed under CC Attribution 4.0
Submitted: 02 August 2003 | Published: 02 August 2003

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F.W. Leuschner, Skool vir Kerkwetenskappe, Potchefstroomse Universiteit vir CHO, South Africa
B.J. de Klerk, Skool vir Kerkwetenskappe, Potchefstroomse Universiteit vir CHO, South Africa

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Worship service as instrument in congregation-building – focused on the Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika

In this article worship service as an instrument in congregationbuilding is investigated – basis-, meta- and practical-theoretically. Congregation-building is defined as the unique ministry by which the community of believers is led to become what they as believers have already become through Christ. Congregation-building is concerned with growth in three relationships, that is, the relationship between the believer and God, the relationship between the believer and his fellow believers and the relationship between the believer and the world. It is concluded that worship service implies a meeting of God and his covenant people. Worship service therefore has a strong element of mutual building up and witness. Having undertaken a limited empirical study, it was found that the above-mentioned basistheoretical perspectives have not been fully realized in the practice of the GKSA. Even though worship service is experienced as a meeting with God, the dialogical and corporate character of the service, as well as the mutual building up and the relationship with the world, is neglected. Practice-theoretical guidelines are given to rectify this situation by bringing practice closer to theory. The equipping of the believer as well as of the pastor is identified as major concerns. The establishment of a liturgical service group is thus encouraged. The final conclusion is that worship service has a cardinal role to play in congregation-building.


Koinonia During The Worship Service; Liturgy; Dialogical Nature; Worship Service; Instrumental In Building Up The Congregation


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