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Φανερόω: ’n Wederkomswoord in die Nuwe Testament

H.P. Malan van Rhyn
In die Skriflig/In Luce Verbi | Vol 58, No 1 | a3011 | DOI: https://doi.org/10.4102/ids.v58i1.3011 | © 2024 H.P. Malan van Rhyn | This work is licensed under CC Attribution 4.0
Submitted: 30 August 2023 | Published: 27 February 2024

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H.P. Malan van Rhyn, Department of Biblical Studies, Philosophy and Life Skills, Faculty of Education, Academy of Reformed Training and Studies (Aros), Montana Park, Pretoria, South Africa


Φανερόω as a word denoting the second coming in the New Testament. The purpose of this article is to exegetically determine the meaning and use of φανερόω as a word, denoting the second coming, according to the revelation-historical tradition. A definition of the meaning of φανερόω is formulated following a word study that has been done in a diachronic and synchronic way. Furthermore, translation possibilities for φανερόω in Afrikaans are suggested. In this article, it is also cursorily established what the telos of the revelation of the second coming is where the word φανερόω is used in the New Testament. The findings of the research are: A definition of the meaning of φανερόω as a word for the second coming: It is the deliberate, visible self-revelation of Jesus Christ in public with his second coming, so that God, his Name and his works can be fully known, fulfilled and realised. Two translation possibilities in Afrikaans are proposed. When using a phrase, the following translation possibility is offered: ‘Die openbaring van Jesus Christus met sy wederkoms’ [The revelation of Jesus Christ at his second coming]. If the chosen translation method allows only one word, then ‘wederkomsopenbaring’ [revelation at the second coming] is suggested as a translation possibility. The telos of the revelation of the second coming by means of φανερόω is determined as: To convey knowledge about the second coming; as encouragement to be focused on heavenly things; as encouragement to serve faithfully; as encouragement that service will be rewarded with glory; as an encouragement to persevere in Christ so that believers may have boldness (the right of access) at the second coming; as encouragement to repentance; [kerugma], which leads to the certainty of faith, joy and the strengthening of faith; and so that believers will live holy.

Contribution: By means of exegesis in the revelation-historical tradition an original, theological definition of the meaning of φανερόω is provided and the telos of the revelation of the second coming, by means of φανερόω, is determined. Suggestions of how to translate φανερόω in the context of the second coming in Afrikaans, is also provided.


parousia; phaneroō; telos; definition of meaning; second coming Ἀποκάλυπτω; ἀποκαλύψισ, ἐπιφάνεια, παρουσία; φανερόω.

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